Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scout Practices Weight Pulling!

September 2, 2009
Loomis, CA


This pictures were taken by Audrey Hsia. These are of Scout learning weight pull. I will enter her and Dot and Dino into a competition on Thanksgiving weekend. I am ordering new harnesses for each of them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intuitive Communication Reading by Susan Pipes

Here is an intuitive communication reading by my friend Susan Pipes. Here website is: www.animalspiritcommunication.com


Scout is cool and thinks a lot. He is the boss, or thinks he is. He is quieter and more wise. When his suggestions are not taken or adhered to he gets a little cranky. He is almost like the father figure of the family. He thinks he knows a lot. His life has been an adventure with you and you both have been thru a lot. You did it together. He seems to talk to you and you can read his mind. He feels a deep connection and does not worry about the relationship as you have proven your loyalty, faithfulness and ability to survive and take care of him and yourself. You have been thru hardship and come out because of your attitude. It was not always what it is today but you are almost there.

Scout likes his animal family and likes the cat. He is fuzzy, furry soft and fits in. He did not think it work to start with but knows it is ok. He says "what do cats do anyway?" He may have some stiffness, some calcium deposits on his skeleton, that is ok he says as it is normal. He walks a little slower and is slow to get up. He likes walks, being a part of the action and being included. You can ask him questions and he will feel valued. He likes it when people talk about him, that happens on walks. he gets attention and he likes it.

He is more grounding for the family and brings a solid earthy energy. He likes a rope pull toy although he likes to be in control of the play. I think his teeth trouble him sometimes and may be a little loose and he notices with the toy.. It is ok though, he just plays different. He is older and knows that these things happen. He wants a home where you and everyone can stay for a long time and he can lay in the sun on the grass. I think he sleeps in the room with you but not on the floor. It is harder to get up and it is crowded, it is better to have more room on the floor.

Message to Jackie - You are a good mother hen and keep us all together. You need to think about where you are going (direction with career, big pic etc.) Focus on that. He says "we can do a lot things" meaning you and the animal family have a lot of skills. He seems to think that being in the public eye will bring more attention, the kind that creates abundance. He sees you reading, writing and sharing of your spirit and soul. He is very much aware of who you have become and he likes it. He thinks you are wiser and smarter and learn from your mistakes more.

He keep showing me a pic of the planet earth, just like we would see from space. He says "we are all one"

Friday, April 10, 2009