Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Adoption Day!

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
December 3, 1996

Adoption Day from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter in Sonoma County. I had been looking for a second dog to start to train for competition events. I had already been showing Rowdy for several years. I was looking for a female herding/terrier mix. I saw in ad by the Rohnert Park shelter in the local paper for such a dog that was about six months old. I went to the shelter and told the person at the front desk who I was here to see. She said "Oh, you can find her in that room over there." I walked into the room walking down the row of kennels. I walked past one and stopped dead in my tracks. There was a dog so gorgeous that I didn't go any further.

She had huge blue eyes that stood out from her tri-color face. She had big lick sores on both front paws, and she sat perfectly still while I talked to her. I told the front desk that I wanted to take her out and have her meet my other dog, Rowdy. I kennel worker brought her out and walked her to the big, fenced exercise area next to the shelter. She pulled like a sled dog the whole time, totally oblivious to the person holding the leash. I brought she and Rowdy into the exercise area, and she immediately jumped on top of him and then stopped. I thought that was odd. She obviously had no aggressive ideas. Luckily Rowdy didn't do anything. Scout just started sniffing around the area ignoring me and Rowdy.